Had a vehicle incident or breakdown?

See below Vehicle Breakdown FAQs on how to proceed.

Complete a property damage form & incident form where relevant.


Flat Tyre

Where the vehicle has a spare tyre, the worker is expected to change the damaged tyre. The worker then needs to contact the Fleet Manager so the damaged tyre can be dropped off for repair.

If the worker has multiple flat tyres a tow truck will need to be arranged to prevent further damage to the tyre and rims.

Incorrect Fuel Type

Where the worker has fuelled the vehicle with the incorrect fuel type the worker must not start the vehicle under any circumstances, a tow truck will be required to transport the vehicle to the mechanic to be drained and serviced to prevent damage to the engine.

The worker should notify the attendant at the service station so they are aware of the situation. The fleet manager and line manager must also be notified so that arrangements can be made to rebook works and transport the worker back to the yard.

Mechanical/Electrical Issue

If a vehicle is experiencing a mechanical or electrical fault the worker needs to contact the fleet manager prior to moving the vehicle, a decision can then be made if the vehicle is safe to be driven to the mechanic or if a tow truck is required.

Vehicle Body Damage

In the event of a vehicle sustaining damage to the body a property damage report needs to be completed on Aroflo. The Fleet manager will then arrange for the vehicle to be taken to the Bodyworks for repairs at a suitable time.

If damage is caused as the result of an accident a police report should accompany the property damage report.

After Hours Breakdowns

In the instance that a vehicle breakdown occurs outside of office hours, workers are to contact Motors roadside assist on 1800 025 031 who will address the issue if possible or arrange for the vehicle to be transported to the nearest Motors service centre.

Full Policy

Click here for the full Vehicle Breakdown Policy.