AV and Fire Detection Systems Installation

Seating and book shelves inside the new Inveresk Library.
The $23 million Library is the first new building to be brought to life at Inveresk through the Northern Transformation Program.

Contact Group has just completed an exciting new project with UTAS, the Library and Student Experience building at the Inveresk Campus in Launceston.

This project formed Stage One of the $300 million Northern UTAS Transformation and Contact Group was proud to be selected for the installation of Audio-Visual equipment and Fire Detection Systems.

The $600, 000 AV component of this project was quite significant, with the Library containing multiple flexible teaching spaces and meeting rooms, each featuring state-of-the-art AV technology.

Project Manager, Matt Black, said the flexible teaching spaces included 96-inch display screens, and the latest ceiling microphones and speakers.

“Each meeting room/teaching space is controlled by Logitech taps, which essentially means everything can be easily operated by a central controller.”

But he said the most prized piece of technology in the install, was a $100, 000 video wall which measured 3.6 x 2.1 metres.

“It was the first screen we had installed that used a bonded LED panel, which means each LED panel has a layer of protective glue over each of the pixels to help prevent damage, so yeah it’s a pretty cool piece of tech.”

The screen will be used to showcase student’s digital artwork, to allow the general public to see their projects on the big screen.

Matt said the project is definitely a career highlight, the biggest he has worked on and the first project he has managed for Contact Group.

“It was a difficult one to get across the line, but very successful in the end.”

Matt said around six Contact staff had worked on the installation, but there had been excellent collaboration with all members of Contact Group’s AV division, including staff based in the Hobart branch.

Matt said it was a great example of the collaboration that happens between the three Contact Group branches, via Teams.

“With the Library project we had a weekly get together on Teams.”

“The whole product supply changed three or four times, due to changes made by the client, so there was quite of a lot of collaboration within Contact Group, to get the project across the line and make sure we didn’t miss anything.”

Matt said despite some key AV staff being based in Hobart, the team worked well together, highlighting the ease of remote collaboration.

“It’s just as easy as meeting face to face and for this project in particular, it was a necessity.”

Matt wanted to say a special thank you to all of his techs, who he said were phenomenal throughout the project.

Contact Group is now working on Stage Two of the Inveresk UTAS redevelopment, which is even bigger than the first.

Stage Two is a five-level building with mixed student learning areas, classrooms, admin areas and offices.

Contact Group is installing the Fire Detection Systems, Security, and Communications.

The Library opened to students and the public this week.