Risdon Prison | General Electrical Installation

Work is nearing completion on a major project that Contact Group has been undertaking over the past two years, the new $94.34 million Southern Remand Centre (SRC), at the Risdon Prison site.

The SRC will help to alleviate pressure on Tasmania’s prison system by significantly increasing capacity and providing accommodation for 156 male remandees in two accommodation units, with shared recreational spaces.

It will be the State’s first purpose-built facility designed specifically for people on remand, to allow them to be held entirely separate from the sentenced prisoner population.

Contact Group has been working on the site since August 2020, undertaking the early works component of the project and laying conduits in the ground.

Last year between seven to 10 Contact Group staff were involved in the installation of the SRC’s general electrical, communications and lighting systems.

This has been a major contract for Contact Group, involving plenty of challenges for Project Manager, Paul Gleeson, to navigate.

He said for a simple building it had been harder than normal, with many hours of work going into the planning and shop drawings.

Despite the challenges, the project has been highly successful and is on track to be completed in February 2022.

Congratulations Paul and all your team, including Sam Beresford, Lucas Englert, Ben Costa, Nick Barrett, Brodie Marley, Josh Jones, Doyle Browning, Zac Burgess, Zanie Paget, Stuart Fromberg, David Skewes, Brian Williams, Phil Conyard, Harry Rose, Andrew Tracy and Boran Stankovic.