Contact Group are certified installers of Energy Saving Solutions including Solar Energy Efficiency Systems and Wind Turbine Generation Systems.

We advise on, and install state of the art Energy Saving solutions throughout Tasmania. Our trained specialists are qualified to provide advice on a range of products to suit all client needs.

System Technologies

• Hybrid control systems to manage power sources

• Grid and off connect Solar power systems

• Wind turbine systems

• Heat pump hot water systems

• Solar hot water systems

• Battery storage systems

Solar – how does it work?

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roofs of homes and businesses capture the sun’s energy to generate electricity cleanly and quietly. Light energy is converted directly into electricity by transferring sunlight photon energy into electrical energy. This conversion takes place within cells of specially fabricated semiconductor crystals. While it might be true that solar cannot generate electricity all the time, it does generate electricity when it is needed most, during the day, and on hot sunny days when electricity demand is at its peak. Importantly, electricity is generated at the point of demand – where people live and work which means there is no need to transfer the energy over long distances across expensive infrastructure.