what is a private power pole?

A private power line usually starts at, and includes, the first low voltage pole on private property. It is your responsibility to maintain and repair this first pole and all the poles, line fittings and attachments beyond it. If your property is supplied by a high voltage power line and a transformer off a public road, it may be a private line and advice should be sought from TasNetworks on 1300 227 777 regarding the responsibility for maintenance and repair.

If you have a private power line, it’s your responsibility to maintain it in safe working order, fix any defects and keep trees or branches clear. This is to ensure reliable power supply, reduce the risk of electrocution or bush fires and keep your power lines safe.

Maintenance Services

We cover all aspects of pole maintenance including:

• Pole Inspection and Assessment

• Hardware replacement, including cross arms, insulators and aerial cable

• Pole replacement and pole stay replacement

• Install new power line and feed to a premise.

• Install private pole stay if required.  

Please note: if your supply is interrupted as a result of a fault and your private assets are deemed unsafe or non-compliant with Australian Standard (AS/NZS 3000 or AS 7000), this may impact on TasNetworks’ ability to undertake restoration of supply. Alternatively a defective installation notice may be issued. This could lead to your supply being disconnected.

Types of power Poles

Treated Hardwood Poles

These are the most common and preferred type. They have an expected life of more than 40 years and are inspected on approximately a 4 to 5 year cycle.

Natural Wood Poles

These have been used in the past and can have a life expectancy of as little as seven years. These poles are inspected on approximately a 4 to 5 year cycle.

Steel Poles

Life expectancy for steel poles is more than 20 years but this may be affected by ground and service conditions. These poles are inspected on approximately a 4 to 5 year cycle.