security systems

Contact Group design and install security systems for all situations from the small domestic home through to a large university style campus throughout Tasmania. We service many corporate customers that have multiple sites for the one organisation. Their security and access control systems for each of the locations are seamlessly integrated together to enable users to move between each site with minimal security risk.

We work closely with each client to tailor the system around their required objectives and expectations of that client.

We have trained staff across Tasmania that can install and program most domestic systems and can also support the following commercial grade systems:

• Tecom Challanger – Forcefield, Titan, C4 and Commander

• Innerange Security Systems – Integriti, Concept and Inception

• Gallagher security and access control systems

• And more…


A security system can offer you and your family peace of mind. With our 24 hour ASIAL certified grade 1 back to base security monitoring your home has an extra level of protection even when you are not there. Your home security system is monitored by highly trained professionals 24/7 who will alert you of your alarm activation and ensure the appropriate actions are taken to secure your premises.

Having a back to base monitored security system may also qualify you for a reduced insurance premium, check with your insurance provider to see if this discount is available to you.

Smoke Detectors

We can integrate smoke and heat detectors with your security system to add an extra layer of protection for your premises.

For more information on Fire Detection systems click here.


Adding a duress button to your security system with our 24/7 back to base monitoring helps ensure the safety of you and your staff. If the duress is activated our monitoring team will attempt to contact you so the appropriate action can be taken.


IP networks have become a standard inclusion in most buildings in today’s market. Whether it be a structured cabling solution as part of a commercial environment, or even a wireless network in a small/home office situation,this technology creates the backbone that an IP CCTV device can connect to. As this infrastructure is usually in place, it is usually cost effective exercise to add IP CCTV devices into your building. An IP camera can even be powered from the IT equipment it is connected to. 

In this new environment, IP surveillance systems offer you tremendous advantages over conventional analogue systems. Images are converted into digital data, enabling greater flexibility, better performance and easier installation. IP Systems address the most important issue of all – lowering your total cost of ownership.

Benefits of IP CCTV Cameras:

• Lower total cost of ownership

• Superior image quality

• Flexible and easy to upgrade to suit future requirements

• Simpler and more cost-effective installations

• Allows for better integration with other security systems

Contact Group can provide design, supply and installation of IP CCTV systems comprising of video management software, servers, network infrastructure, cameras and accessories.

We are also able to set up a remote connection via PC or mobile phone to your system for you to view the live video and review recorded footage. 

High end users may choose to make use of video analytics which use complex algorithms to automatically detect people, vehicles, objects and patterns of behaviour. This in the form of:

• Facial recognition

• License Plate recognition

• People counting

All of which Contact Group are able to integrate into your system seamlessly.

analogue cctv

Analogue video is a universal standard and has been for several decades. Virtually any analog CCTV camera can be plugged into any DVR, regardless of brand. No IP address in the camera, no search utility, no PC for that matter. Point the camera; plug in the cable; power on the DVR.

Contact Group has extensive knowledge and experience of integrating different products such as CCTV surveillance, access control, intruder alarms and PA systems.

Contact Group can also deliver a hybrid solution to adapt your current analogue CCTV to a newer IP system.

Access Control systems

Access control is about providing traffic solutions for areas that require restricted access. Whether you require access control for 1 door or 10’000 doors we will design the right system to protect your facility. 

We have a variety of card reader technologies, biometric (fingerprint) readers and digital entry systems to meet your needs that can be easily controlled remotely from your computer. We provide access control systems that can accommodate multiple users and access levels. Key fobs and cards can be added or deleted remotely from your computer which gives the system Administrator the power to easily lock out users, an important function in the event of a security concern.

Contact Group offer complete site management systems across Tasmania that can integrate with security, CCTV and access control in one single interface.

 We currently support and are trained in the following systems:

• Tecom Challanger – Forcefield, Titan, C4 and Commander

• Innerange Security Systems – Integriti, Concept and Inception

• Cardax / Gallagher

• And more…