IP Messaging platforms

We have multiple options to deliver messages to staff. The message could be delivered to a pager, DECT phone, android/iphone, annunciator, monitor screen or a staff tag (this device could be used for personal duress activation as well). Information from the below list can be delivered to these devices. A workflow could then be setup to ensure the alarm gets acknowledged and dealt with by a staff member.

• Nurse call system

• Fire alarm system

• Security system

• Duress system (fixed alarm or mobile personnel alarm)

• Equipment alarms (such as blood pumps, fridges and freezers, generator faults to name a few)

patient entertainment solutions

The all-in-one bedside terminal makes hospital stay easier by providing multimedia entertainment and communication choices. The terminal also benefits medical staff by providing secure access to electronic patient data remotely with an optimised hospital workflow as a professional diagnosis aid.

Identification recognition for both patients and hospital staff is made possible with RFID and a smart card reader. Two USB ports, an earphone jack and a microphone provide added flexibility. Additionally, an LED light indicator and nurse call button help alert hospital staff to important incidents.

The all-in-one interactive bedside terminal makes hospital stays easier by providing the same multimedia entertainment and communication choices people enjoy at home, such as telephone, TV, radio, movies, games and the internet. The patient experience is enhanced by intranet access, providing them with access to relevant education on their condition, information on their care-giver team, and hospital information, as well as helping them keep in touch with family and friends through video-conferencing, Skype, and instant messaging instead of being delivered through traditional terrestrial, satellite signal, and cable television formats.

Merlon Nurse call platform

Contact Group are the Tasmania dealer for Merlon IP nurse call systems. Merlon IP nurse call Systems is a world leader in the highly specialised field of electronic communications in healthcare and secure accommodation. There fully IP platform allows for unlimited changers to a nurse call point at the bedside. The use of the structured Ethernet caballing (cat 6) also allows for upgrades to the systems as new technology becomes available with no change to the cabling to the nurse call room points.

As the system is fully IP, the systems status can be monitored from anywhere on a client’s network. As the site or room requirements change so too can the functionality of the nurse call system. The call points come with interchangeable overlays, when a call points operation is re-programmed a new overlay can be installed indicating its new functionality.