Design and implementatoin from SMB to corporate networks. Including:


• IPSEC and SSL VPN connections

• Switches (HP, Aruba, Cisco, Netgear, Ubiquiti)

• Routers (Sophos, Cisco, Ubiquiti)

• WiFi (Sophos, Ruckus, Ubiquiti)

• Microwave links (Point to Point)

• Multi-site connections and routing

• Network design and implementation


Utilisting industry leading firewalls and Anti-Virus that work together, we can help to protect your network from external and internal attacks. With the firewall and Anti-Virus integration, the network can be implemented in a way that if one device is infected, it is automatically disabled from the network to avoid spreading the virus, until the issue is resolved.


Contact Group provides this service to our customers who prefers to purchase their own hardware and pay a monthly fee to have their data backed up to the hardware of their choice, or to the cloud. In this day and age there is no need to physically change the hard drive or tape, and Contact Group can help you with this transition or set up!

A great feature of this service is that our customers receive an email each morning verifying that the backup was successful, ensuring peace of mind. Quarterly tests can be conducted as part of a disaster recovery plan test.

Disaster recovery

To prepare for an emergency such as a disaster, whether it be natural, man-made or technical, Contact Group can sit down and analyse your current setup, devices and disaster recovery plan and test the plan every quarter or half-yearly to ensure that it is still relevant and that you can recover from a disaster as easily as possible.


Utilising remote monitoring and management software, Contact Group can monitor your devices in real time and be notified of any potential issues and resolve the issue efficiently and effectively from a remote location, with minimal to no disruption to your daily operational activities.


Want to free yourself from the expense that traditional phone companies charge you for phone line rental and call costs?

Contact Group analyse your phone bill to show you the return on investment (ROI) by investing in one of our VoIP solutions. We offer design and installation of VoIP systems from a single site to multi-site solutions.

Contact Group can offer both on-premise and cloud hosted VoIP systems. Our friendly staff will assess which would best suit your needs in consultation with yourself. 

In the case of a pre-existing VoIP system, Contact Group offers SIP trunks such as pay as you go and unlimited call SIP trunks to further reduce the cost of your phone calls.


Allow Contact Group to migrate your on-premise email hosting to Office 365 cloud hosting without any downtime to the operations of your business. Give us a call to discuss this option with our highly experienced technical team.


Contact Group provides our customers with consultation and assessment of their ICT needs with one of our highly trained staff. Contact Group offers hardware and software sales, from a keyboard and mouse through to servers and VoIP services. Software support includes Office 365, SharePoint and Remote Desktop, just to name a few.