Contact Group can provide you with all your Audio Visual requirements. From the supply of a projector and screen in your meeting room through to the design and installation of a fully automated lecture theatre/boardroom containing video projection and LCD screens, video conferencing and sophisticated audio reinforcement systems together with wired or wireless control systems – from an interactive whiteboard in your classroom to a high-end sound reinforcement system for your entertainment venue be it a stadium, sporting centre or performing arts centre.

Our services include expert advice, system design, engineering, supply installation and support. When we write purpose designed software for your project you own that software – we provide it to our customer as open source code as part of our project handover documentation.

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Video conferencing

Contact Group have many years of experience and success in designing and installing of video conferencing systems. We have installed and commissioned many industry leading brands such as Microsoft, Zoom, CISO-Webex, Polycom. These systems have been installed in commercial environments such as Police, Health, Education and Research facilities such as CSIRO and IMAS (Institute for Marine & Antarctic Studies) and many others around the state.

We are able to provide:

• Simple low-cost solutions such as a mobile unit comprising of codec, camera and monitor on a movable trolley.

• Medium range solutions such as room systems comprising camera, codec and twin monitors together with supporting wall/ceiling speakers and microphones to cater for small meetings and training sessions.

• Fully integrated systems for large groups such as corporate boardrooms and tertiary education lecture theatres.

• Peripheral services such as networking infrastructure, lighting design to suit video conferencing and control system automation and maintenance contracts for after sales support and training are also catered for.

Our technicians are trained in the integration of the rooms video conference equipment with cloud-based video conferencing solutions such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Skype for Business, WebEx and GoToMeeting. We can supply a range of various USB cameras and microphones to suite the software-based video conferencing systems. This means a standard laptop running windows 10 can connect into the provided USB and HDMI wall connection and the laptop will use the in-room camera and microphone for the video conferencing call. We offer fully automated conferencing rooms whereby a wall or desk mounted touch screen is used as the interface for the video call. No laptop or PC is required for these types of room, simple walk up and press join meeting on the touch panel.

It is very important that the hardware used in conjunction with Microsoft Teams and Zoom Room installations has been certified to work by both Microsoft and Zoom. The systems that we have direct access to for these types of video conferencing rooms are:

Crestron Flex and UC systems

Logitech Video conferencing equipment

Shure Microflex series microphones

• Most fixed a Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras (PTZ) with USB

Digital signage

Contact Group are able to design and supply all your digital signage requirements – from a few screens providing information such as way finding, daily schedules for room use, timetables, daily or weekly specials and emergency warnings. These messages can be routed to a particular area of a building or throughout the entire campus. Messages can be presented as a single image on a screen, a split screen or a montage of images across multiple screens. Our product offerings also can incorporate text scrolling message bars which can provide news and weather updates or special offerings for that day or hour.

Our systems can be incorporated onto your LAN or configured as standalone systems.

We are a single source supplier which means that we do not only offer digital signage players but also provide small and large commercial grade display screens and mounting hardware, signal distribution and infrastructure products. It is imperative that the correct screens are specified to suit the installation as a lot of domestic grade screens will not last long in a commercial situation.

We have multiple product offerings and can recommend the solution best suited to your requirements. We design, supply and install and program your system to provide you with a total turnkey solution. Solutions are designed to ensure ease of operation with on-site staff training available.

Some of the brands we have commercial dealer access to are:

• Spinetix

• BrightSign

• Samsung

• OneLAN

Public address and paging

Contact Group’s Audio Visual Team have many years of experience and success in designing and installing public address, paging and sound reinforcement systems.

We have supplied systems to schools for classroom paging and messaging, portable public address systems for sports days, school halls for sound reinforcement for drama productions, lecture theatre sound systems and systems to cover an entire campus including outdoor coverage.

Our commercial customers such as supermarkets, airports, aquatic centres, retail outlets, town halls and theatres, civic centres, bars and restaurants have all benefited from audio reinforcements systems designed and installed by Contact Group.

We specialise in Biamp Vocia IP PA systems and Axis IP PA systems. These systems uses standard IP technologies such as VoIP, and integrates with existing IP networks for multi-site installations. Some other features of this system are:

• Supports a variety of paging methods, including live pages, scheduled or recorded pages, and VoIP-based pages.

• There is no single point of system failure—if one element of the system is damaged or goes offline, the rest of the Vocia system will continue operating normally.

• An Ethernet-based platform, endpoints can be installed anywhere on the system, creating a self-monitoring web of “smart” devices.

We are specialists in hearing augmentation systems and represent leading brands such as Ampetronic and Williams Sound. Solutions are designed to ensure ease of operation with on-site staff training available. Whatever your audio requirements are Contact Group’s Audio Visual and Telecommunications division can assist you with the appropriate solution.


We have been involved in MATV system design and installation for the last 20 years. From simple domestic systems to schools and multi storey office and accommodation complex.

Having specialised personnel and equipment for termination and testing of these systems, we are capable of meeting all your needs.

Our systems include standard free to air as well as satellite TV design installation, commissioning and provision of all required test results in any required format.

Provision of “as installed” drawings is also part of our service if required utilising our 2 drafts people and showing all outlet positions and dB readings for individual points as well as locations and sizes of all balanced coaxial cables.

IP TV Distribution

Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is a system through which television services are delivered using the Internet protocol suite over a packet-switched network such as a LAN or the Internet.

From a user’s point of view, IPTV is very simple: instead of receiving TV programs as broadcast signals that enter your home from a rooftop antenna, satellite dish, or fiber-optic cable, you get them streamed (downloaded and played almost simultaneously) through your Internet connection.

Contact specialise in the distribution of IPTV into large networks such as hospitals, aged care, education departments and hotels, just to name a few.