Contact Audio Visual and Telecommunications

Public Address and Paging

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Contact Audio Visual and Telecommunications division have many years of experience and success in designing and installing public address, paging and sound reinforcement systems.

We have supplied systems into schools for classroom paging and messaging, portable public address systems for sports days, school halls for sound reinforcement for drama productions, lecture theatre sound systems and systems to cover an entire campus including outdoor coverage.

Our commercial customers such as supermarkets, airports, aquatic centres, retail outlets, town halls and theatres, civic centres, bars and restaurants have all benefitted from audio reinforcements systems designed and installed by the Contact Group.

We specilise in Biamp Vocia IP PA systems.  This systems uses standard IP technologies such as VoIP, and integrates with existing IP networks for multi-site installations.  SOme other features of this system are:

  • Supports a variety of paging methods, including live pages, scheduled or recorded pages, and VoIP-based pages
  • There is no single point of system failure—if one element of the system is damaged or goes offline, the rest of the Vocia system will continue operating normally
  • An Ethernet-based platform, endpoints can be installed anywhere on the system, creating a self-monitoring web of “smart” devices

We have access to best of brand products such as:

  • JBL
  • EAW speakers
  • Turbosound speakers
  • Crown amplifiers
  • Australian Monitor amplifiers
  • Symetrix digital processing
  • BSS digital processing,
  • Shure microphones
  • Beyer microphones
  • Soundcraft mixing consoles.

We are specialists in hearing augmentation systems and represent leading brands such as Ampetronic and Williams Sound.  Solutions are designed to ensure ease of operation with on-site staff training available.
Whatever your audio requirements Contact Group’s Audio Visual and Telecommunications division can assist you with the appropriate solution.