Cressy III – Recirculation Aquaculture System

Technician inspecting a salmon pen

Contact Group’s northern technicians have just wrapped up a major project for the Salmon company, Petuna.

The $13-million Cressy III hatchery features world-leading technology to recirculate up to 99 per cent of the water the fish are living in, through mechanical and biological filters.

According to Petuna, it uses less than five per cent of the water of traditional systems and allows the company to grow their salmon to a larger size on land, reducing the time they need to be at sea.

Contact Group was honoured to be part of this game changing project, with 70-percent of the total build cost carried out by local Tasmanian companies.

Contact Group technicians inspecting the salmon tanks.

Contact Group was contracted by Petuna to carry out the elaborate electrical installation, control, and automation of the recirculation aquaculture system.

Project Manager, Josh Alexander, said it was a huge undertaking and he had doubts that the proposed timeframe could be achieved.

“Somehow, to my amazement, through a lot of hard work and long days, weeks and months, the team got it done,” he said.

Contact Group staff talking and looking at plans.

Josh said there was a mountain of challenges to navigate, from tight timeframes to language barriers and time differences, when working with the AKVA Land and Sea team from Denmark.

“In hindsight it was the challenges that made it so interesting,” he said.

Josh said his team’s workmanship and the quality of the project delivery to Petuna is second to none and an absolute credit to all the technicians and apprentices who worked on it.

Contact Group technician working in the plant room.

“I’d like to give a shoutout to Jamie in particular, but also every single person that helped throughout the project to date,” he said.

“There are too many to name individually, but in particular the technicians who came from the south at short notice and put in some big days to get the job done,” Josh said.

A huge congratulations to everyone involved – it’s an impressive project and we’re so proud of the team effort from everyone at Contact.

Electrical cables that power the salmon hatchery.