Sick of paying excessive power bills....There are other options available.

Sick of paying excessive power bills....There are other options available.

Ask any Electricity Consumer what they think about the price of electricity in Tasmania and you will get the same answer “too dear, but we have no other choice”.  Well that may not be the case for many energy uses.  As of the 1st of July 2014 ‘full retail competition’ was introduced into our energy market.  This means that all customers on mainland Tasmania are able to either choose their electricity retailer or purchase electricity from the wholesale market, regardless of their annual electricity consumption.  In the past this option was only available if your business consumed more than 50 megawatt hours of electricity per annum.  Full retail competition provides choice to all customers (including residential customers) on mainland Tasmania, large and small.


There are two types of contestable customers:

  • Small customers (residential and business customers using less than 150 MWh of electricity per annum)
  • Large customers (business customers using at least 150 MWh of electricity per annum).

Your retailer is responsible for classifying you as a residential or business customer when you make a request to them for the sale of electricity to your premises.  Currently there is only one residential energy retailer (Aurora).  We should see other retailers come into the Tasmanian market by the end of 2014.   Competition for small business consumers on the other hand is a different story.  There are quite a few retailers that business customers can deal with.  All these retailers have different products available that may benefit you as a customer in different ways depending on your individual circumstances. 


Depending on your business size it may be worthwhile to consider contacting an energy broker to negotiate your electricity contract on your behalf.  We have recently had dealings with Marc White from Goanna Energy Consulting, his business specialises in this area.  Feel free to contact us should you require further information on this topic.