Can't find your USB charger?

Can't find your USB charger?

Clipsal USB Charger


Designed in Australia for Australian conditions. Clipsal’s innovative 30 Series USB Charger Mech provides an adaptable, efficient and reliable solution.

Use to charge phones, tablets and other consumer electronic devices in a wide variety of market segments, without needing the manufacturer’s original charger. It will change the way people charge their devices.

Technical Spec

The USB mechanism incorporates a Type A USB Connector. Designed to be compatible with SB-IF Battery Charging Specification 1.2 (BC 1.2). Includes cable compensation. This ensures charging time is optimised by accounting for the characteristics of the cable being used.  Uses a charging current of 1.2A and uses less than 0.07W of power while in standby mode.  Substitute power points with the USB mechanism in a commercial environment. The system load, and infrastructure and cost requirements can be substantially reduced.

The full product specifications is available here


Perfect for homes, schools, universities, hotel rooms, airports, office buildings, retail outlets and hospitals.  USB charging modules can be inserted into wall plates so they can be mounted alongside switches and dimmers, or next to bedside tables in the home or hotel room.

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