Contact Group "speeding up Tasmania"

Contact Group

Contact Group have successfully laid approximately 400km of NBN fibre optic cable in the Tasmanian soil to date.  We have a workforce of approximately 30 people that are dedicated to this area or work.  The company has heavily invested in machinery to make the installation process of this cable as quick as possible.  It has been commented that the Contact team is among the most efficient installers in Australia and our workmanship far exceeds the installation guidelines that have been laid out. 


Our Launceston Branch manager Rob Young commented that the workforce has come a long way since the first cable install we completed.  Our team relish in the fact that they are installing the backbone of the technology that will see Tasmanian become an IT haven for future investment into the state.  There is already a lot of talk from international companies that are interested in investing in IT infrastructure and resources in Tasmanian of the back off the NBN roll out, Rob said.


The Contact Group could not be happier to be involved in this monumental infrastructure upgrade and investment into this state.


NBN Cable Winch

One of our NBN Ute mounted cable winches