A new "phase" in backup power supplies

A new

Contact Group are excited to be able to offer a new phase in UPS systems.  Rick Wright Contact Groups "Power and Generation" divisional manager said the technology used in the Hitzinger rotary UPS is cutting edge compared to the rest of the machines offered in a similar class.  There is no other machine that combines UPS, Power factor Correction  and Harmonic filtering all in the one package.  This will equate to big cost savings for the end user Rick said. 

Product overview

A mains failure for as little as a millisecond will cause serious consequences and expensive outage costs in a wide range of applications.

The Hitzinger Rotary Diesel UPS Systems, specifically designed for IT power, ensures business continuity and mitigates expensive outrage costs. At the heart of the DRUPS sits the Hitzinger alternator, benefitting from over 60-years of design providing you with one of the highest efficiency systems on the market. As specialists, we provide solutions, from design to installation and with our wealth of experience you can be assured of competitive and timely solutions.

The Hitzinger Dynamic Rotary Diesel UPS, uninterruptable power supply is the perfect solution for Data centres, airports and hospitals requiring IT Grade UPS. The Hitzinger DRUPS system comprises of four major components: diesel engine, generator, kinetic energy storage module and coupling choke. The kinetic energy module, generator and coupling choke work together to provide power conditioning and ride through energy for the UPS system, whilst the diesel engine provides the long-term back up for a mains failure. These systems provide extremely high availability and reliability in case of mains failure and high efficiency during stand-by operation.

How it works

The kinetic energy storage module KIN consists of two rotating parts, the inner and the outer rotor. The outer rotor is equipped with a squirrel cage and rotates at 2600 rpm whilst running freely on the shaft of the inner rotor.

The inner rotor equipped with a specially designed winding rotating at synchronous speed (1500 rpm) coupled via a flexible coupling to the synchronous alternator. In the event of mains failure the magnetic field of the inner rotor brakes the outer rotor and keeps the speed of the synchronous alternator constant an via electronic control unit.


Hitzinger Rotary Diesel UPS

A Hitzinger Rotary Diesel UPS in-situ