17 Federal Street North Hobart

2021 heralded an exciting new chapter for Contact Group in Hobart, with staff moving into the long awaited Federal Street office in May.

The centrally located two-storey building has been more than 18 months in the making and has been a labour of love for Contact Group Directors Bill, Trish and Wade Fromberg, who were heavily involved in the design and construction.

The building features two boardrooms, large open plan offices, several break out meeting areas, as well as a kitchen, courtyard and large storage/plant room on the ground level.

Energy efficient materials were used throughout, including a Metroll bondor roofing system (insulated roofing panels with a lightweight expanded polystyrene core), a Daikin VRF heating and cooling system with a centralised controller, and a range of LED lights operated via a DALI control system.

A large crane was used to install 78 concrete tilt panels, each weighing around 15 ton.

Several Contact Group staff worked on the project for many months, with Bill Fromberg wanting to make special mention of his “right-hand man” Boran Stankovic, for installing complex lighting designs and AV systems in the boardroom and Contact Group carpenters Frank Ruzicka and Daniel Conning for their high-quality finishes.

Mr Fromberg said his vision was for a light filled building, with a kitchen and courtyard area where people would get together and talk.

“I love the light well and all the skylights, I wanted to get as much natural light in as possible and I think Wade’s choice of lighting compliments it perfectly.”

Bill Fromberg | Contact Group Director

Contact ultilised the skills and materials of Tasmanian companies for nearly every aspect of the build, including local engineering consultants Gandy and Roberts, Reardon Demolition, excavation company Spectran Group and JMK Construction Group.

Contact also used local crane operators, glass suppliers, carpenters, carpet layers, local painters, and suppliers for furniture, plants and office equipment.

Mr Fromberg said it was a tremendous effort from everyone involved and he was extremely proud of the finished product.

“I really wanted a nice building for my staff to enjoy and I think we’ve achieved something pretty special.”

Bill Fromberg | Contact Group Director

In the heart of North Hobart, the new office is close to the CBD, electrical wholesalers and major roads.