John L Grove

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Project Overview:

This Project was a re-development of the existing John L Groves building which meant that a large proportion of the inside of the building needed to be demolished and new rooms built.  The outside of the building was retained and restored where needed to ensure it continuity with the rest of the buildings on the site.

The scope of works was to install and commission a sophisticated and integrated electrical system that would make workflow for the staff easier in their day to day duties.  Some of the key elements of the design to enable this were:

Project Scope:

  • Intelligent Dali Lighting control system that enables lighting to change lighting sequences and profiles through the course of the day.  This meant the staff would not need to worry about lighting levels in many areas as the system adapts to the day to day needs.
  • A state of the art fully IP Merlon nurse call system was also installed.  This system seamlessly integrates with the Dali lighting control that automates a room depending on what the requirements of the staff or patient is at any one time.  For example if an Emergency is initiated through the Merlon system the lighting in that room will be raised up to 100% and the passage way lighting will also be raised to 100% creating pathway lighting to the room.  
  • A Wireless Ascom IP Phone system was also deployed that enables these devices to use the Wi-Fi access points, located throughout the building for communications cutting down on the need to install separate wireless transmitters for a similar system.  These handsets also utilise Real time location service (RTLS), this means if the staff raise a duress alarm from one of these handsets the system will pop up a graphical map in the security office showing the location of the device to sub 1 meter accuracy.  As part of this alarm the Dali lighting system will also receive a high level signal which sends all the main area lighting to 100%.
  • The new addressable fire monitoring system that was installed also communicates to the Dali lighting system.  Once a fire alarm is activated the Dali lighting system turns on all lighting in the building to 100%
  • 6.5 inch Colour Touch screens were installed in main areas giving staff the ability to override automated lighting sequences if required. 

Project Outcome:

Check out our project case study video below: