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IP networks have become a standard inclusion in most buildings in todays market.  Weather it be a structured cabaling solution as part of a commercial eviroments or even a wirless network in a small SOHO situation, this technology creates the backbone that a IP CCTV camera can connect to.  As this infrastructure is usally inplace, it is usally cost effective exersise to add IP CCTV camera into your building.  IP Cameras can even be powered from the IT equipment is is conected to. 

In this new environment, IP surveillance systems offer you tremendous advantages over  conventional analogue systems. Images are converted into digital data, enabling greater flexibility, better performance and easier installation. IP Systems address the most important issue of all – lowering your Total Cost of Ownership.

Benefits of IP CCTV Cameras:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Superior image quality – utilising progressive scan and mega pixel technologies
  • Flexible and easy to upgrade to suit future requirements
  • Simpler and more cost-effective installations
  • Allows for better integration with other security systems


Contact Audio Visual & Telecommunications Group can provide design, supply and installation of IP CCTV systems comprising video management software, servers, network infrastructure, cameras and accessories.  We usally carry stock of the below brands.

Please feel free to contact us to arrange for one of our expert desginers to give you a free no obligations quote on a CCTV solution for your business or home.