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Digital Signage

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 Contact Audio Visual and Telecommunications division are able to design and supply all your digital signage requirements – from a few screens providing information such as way finding, daily schedules for room use, timetables, daily or weekly specials and emergency warnings.  These message can be routed to a particular area of a building or throughout the entire campus.  
Messages can be presented as a single image on a screen, a split screen or a montage of images across multiple screens. Our product offerings also can incorporate text scrolling message bars which can provide news and weather updates or special offerings for that day or hour.
Our systems can be incorporated onto your LAN or configured as standalone systems.
We are a single source supplier in that we do not only offer digital signage players but also provide small and large commercial grade display screens and mounting hardware, signal distribution and infrastructure products.  It is imperative that the correct screens are specified to suit the installation as a lot of domestic grade screens will not last long in a commercial situation.  
We have multiple product offerings and can recommend the solution best suited to your requirements. We design, supply and install and programme your system to provide you with a total turnkey solution.  Solutions are designed to ensure ease of operation with on-site staff training available.

Some of the brands we have commercial dealer access to are: