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Cubic Modular Switchboards

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We have certified Cubic designers and construction personnel for the complete Cubic Modular systems from conception to completion.
These boards are predominantly used for Form Rated Switchboards that require type testing and certification.
These boxes can also be used to house high end control switchgear such as PLC’s and variable speed drives.

CUBIC's Modular System is based on a size of 192 mm. This modular size secures the maximum versatility, and therefore allows all the individual requirements from end-user, customer or consultant to be built into the switchboard.

Some advantages of the system are:

  • Maximum versatility
  • Short delivery time of assembled switchboard
  • Easy to rearrange and make changes
  • Free and individual choice of electrical components
  • Easy to expand later
  • Type tested according to EN 60439-1, verified by KEMA, ASTA, SABS, Det Norske Veritas,UL and Germanischer Lloyd
  • Busbar systems rating up to 7000 amps
  • Short-circuit test Icw up to 120 kA and Ipk up to 264 kA
  • Internal segregation FORM 1 - 4