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CO-Generation Units

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Cogeneration or CHP (combined heat and power) is the simultaneous production of electricity and heat using a single fuel such as natural gas, although a variety of fuels can be used. The heat produced from the electricity generating process (for example from the exhaust systems of a gas turbine) is captured and utilised to produce heat for industrial and/or domestic purposes. The heat usually in the form of hot water/steam can be used to generate chilled water (absorption chiller), heating water or domestic hot water. Cogeneration for on-site power and heat is well established overseas and is being used increasingly in Australia.

Turbine GAS Co-Generations

Tasmania’s sole supplier of Capstone Turbines

Co generation, or combined heat and power (CHP), takes the waste heat captured, and uses this in process heating, hot water or building heating applications. This greatly increases the efficiency of the system. Advantages of this system are greatly reduced costs and carbon emissions, free heating and power security.

Competitive Advantages

  • Super-low emissions - better than toughest global standardsCapstone Logo
  • Low maintenance - only one moving part; no lubricants
  • Scalable - 30 kW to 10 MW of power
  • Small footprint
  • Fuel flexibility
  • Efficiency & reliability

 Cogeneration technology provides greater conversion efficiencies than traditional generation methods as it harnesses heat that would otherwise be wasted. This can result in up to more than a doubling of thermal efficiency, also carbon dioxide emissions can be substantially reduced. Furthermore, the heat by-product is available for use without the need for the further burning of a primary fuel. Cogeneration systems predominantly use natural gas, a fuel source which emits less than half the greenhouse gas, per unit of energy produced than the cleanest available thermal power station.

A tutorial video on the basic workings of a Capstone generators is below. 


Reciprocal GAS Co-Generators

Gas engines are driving powerful changes in the way we see our world. All specifications offer high reliability, durability and fuel flexibility to burn fuels from low energy landfill gas or bio-gas to natural gas to field gases. Cat gas generators are available from 85kW to 8,150kW.

  • High output, low emissions
  • Simple, robust design for long life

Heavy duty components

  • State of the art Cat digital ignition system and
  • engine supervisory system on  most models
  • Optimised systems for low energy applications
  • Single source for complete power solutions
  • Turnkey support from the Caterpillar Dealer network