Traverse Medical Facility | HVAC Installation

Over the past few months Contact Group has been working on an exciting project for the Australian Antarctic Division at Taylor Bros workshop in Hobart.

Contact is providing the heating and ventilation (HVAC) for a state-of-the-art Traverse Medical Facility, that will support the AAD’s million-year ice core project.

The million-year ice core project is aimed at obtaining a million years of climate records and involves the first major Australian Antarctic traverse in decades, departing Casey Station during the 2021/22 Antarctic summer.

Five bespoke tractors, three snow groomers, 28 sleds, fuel, food and infrastructure to support 16 people will traverse 1100 kilometres to Little Dome C in East Antarctica.

The Traverse Medical Facility will form part of the convoy and will be mounted on a sled and pulled along the ice by one of the bespoke tractors.

The HVAC system installed by Contact Group is controlled by its own PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and has various modes of operation to create either positive or negative environments, as required by the medical staff using the facility.

The project was challenging given the level of workmanship required to withstand the harshest conditions on earth, as well as the significant vibrations expected during the expedition.

Contact Group enjoyed the challenge and hope this is the first of many partnerships with the AAD.

Read more about the million year ice core project here: