LGH Holman Clinic Videowall

The LGH Holman Clinic videowall

Contact Group has just completed two major Audio-Visual projects in northern Tasmania, one at the Launceston General Hospital’s Holman Clinic, and one at the UTAS School of Architecture at Inveresk.

The Holman Clinic project involved the installation of a new state-of-the art videowall and video conferencing system in the Cancer Clinic’s Seminar Room.

Our specialist AV team installed 18 videowall screens and video conferencing hardware such as speakers and microphones.

Contact Group’s Statewide AV Manager, Andrew Otley, said the hardware is all based around Microsoft Teams Room.

Technicians installing the new LGH Holman Clinic videowall

“The videowall’s able to share medical imagery such as microscopes, scans and any other imagery that the doctors need to see and facilitate calls from all over the world,” Andrew Otley said.

He said there are two control benches; one includes a digital microscope that allows scans to be put up on the screen and to be transmitted over the videowall.

“Coupled with that, each control point user has their own individual microphone so they can be clearly heard through the video conferencing,” Andrew said.

“This room generally has video conferencing to discuss patient’s conditions and cases, where specialists from all over the world will join in and hopefully in most cases, pathways for treatment and recovery,” he said.

Technicians testing the new videowall

Andrew said the system is very dynamic.

“The users that are driving the screen at a particular time can choose which image can go to which part of the wall whether it be a single image or up to 18 images at any one time,” he said.

“This is the biggest videowall we’ve installed, one of the biggest video conferencing rooms in the state and by far one of the most sophisticated in the state as well.”

Andrew Otley | State AV Manager

“All the video streams for the room come over a Category 6A network, so it’s all digital there’s no actual HDMI cabling running any of that, it’s all dynamic in its approach so it’s very flexible into the future.”

Contact Group is also installing a similar videowall at the North West Regional Hospital in Burnie.

UTAS School of Architecture Videowall

The videowall at the UTAS School of Architecture

Our Launceston technicians have also just completed a $1.3 million AV installation at the University of Tasmania’s School of Architecture.

This project involved the installation of over 40 screens ranging in size from 55-inches to 98-inches, as well as 50 pendant speakers and a 162-inch videowall in the facility’s main lecture theatre.

The site foreman, Reed Vanderzwan, said it was an exciting project for the team.

The Architecture School is in the old rail shed at Inveresk and contains about 20 different rooms, ranging from flexible learning spaces to computer labs, lecture theatres and small to large meeting rooms.

One of the flexible learning spaces in the UTAS School o.f Architecture

Reed said it was a unique project to be involved with, because it’s such an old, iconic building that’s been completely renovated.

“So, there’s such a wide mix of services you have to work in with, we had 50 pendant speakers and finding space amongst the exposed duct work and beams was a real challenge,” he said.

He said the installation of the videowall was very fiddly and time consuming, requiring absolute precision.

It involved 36 modules, with four-pixel cards each.

Two large screens in the UTAS Architecture School.

“To start with the wall has to be completely level or plumb, otherwise you’d have bumps in the screen, and you have to install all the little modules that lock together like a big set. And then it has little LED pixel cards which are very delicate that you have to install with suction cups and gloves,” he said.

Both clients were extremely happy with the end result.

Congratulations to all our staff involved.