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Annual Compliance Testing

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Service and maintenance are a critical component of Building Essential Service Safety Equipment.  Our technicians are trained and highly competent testers and work across all brands of Fire Detection Systems. Maintenance is conducted fully in accordance with all statutory legislative and associated regulatory requirements including:

  • Tasmania Fire Act
  • Tasmania Fire Service ‘Codes of Practice’
  • Conditions of our Tasmania Fire Service Permit obligations
  • All works completed in accordance with AS1851.
  • Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems is a legal requirement and It’s therefore every building owner / mangers obligation to ensure a maintenance contractor is appointed.

In addition to conducting all routine maintenance tasks we can further advise on all legal obligations and requirements and specifically tailor services to meet exact minimum requirements for any building and on any Fire System.
Not only are we experts in Fire Systems maintenance, we also conduct maintenance services across the full range of Electrical and related ‘Legislative Essential Serves’ & ‘Legislative Fire Essential Services’ and can package services across a complete range of requirements. This provides a seamless single solution for all maintenance needs.
Did you know we provide, manage and maintain all Electrical & Fire Essential Services to University Tasmania (UTAS) Statewide !.
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