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Analogue CCTV

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 Analog video is a universal standard and has been for several decades. Virtually any analog CCTV camera can be plugged into any DVR, regardless of brand. While there are regional varieties of analog video (NTSC, PAL and SECAM), cameras available in a region conform to that region’s standard. And many analog cameras and DVRs work with any of the standards. So CCTV literally is as simple as plugging a cable into the camera and into a DVR. No IP address in the camera, no search utility, no PC for that matter. Point the camera; plug in the cable; power on the DVR.

Contact Group has extensive knowledge and experience of integrating different products such as CCTV, video surveillance, access control, intruder alarms and public address voice alarm systems.

Contact Audio Visual & Telecommunications Group can provide design, supply and installation of IP CCTV systems comprising video management software, servers, network infrastructure, cameras and accessories.  We usally carry stock of the below brands.

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