Quality, health, safety and environmental care go hand in hand


Accredited to ISO 9001 & ISO 45001


We care about our customers, our staff and our environment.


Our integrated QHSE Management system defines and explains the procedures by which Contact Group ensures that the workplace, practices & activities are safe for employees, uses environmentally sound work practices, and delivers customer requirements right, first time, every time.

The requirements as set out in each procedure, policy or work instruction are incorporated into the workflow of our Job Management System, ensuring compliance through system notification, hold points or approvals.

Implementation of the Plan and Systems are verified by scheduled; periodic audits / inspections performed by suitably qualified company personnel and external agencies.

Select staff are tasked with routinely completing spot inspections in the field to verify all staff comply with company expectations, adopt a safe method of work and complete works to the highest of quality.

Work Health and Safety

Contact Group recognises the importance of Health & Safety in the workplace and places a strong focus on implementing a structured approach to workplace health and safety in order to achieve a consistently high standard of safety performance throughout the business.

Contact Group is committed to the health and safety of all workers and others that may be affected by our work activities. This includes the protection of all workers by complying with WHS legislation, demonstrating due diligence and the application of best practice strategies and industry-based WHS policies and procedures. People are our most important asset and their health and safety are of the greatest importance within a safe and productive work environment.

In 2019 Contact Group reassessed the way we do safety and appointed a dedicated professional to assist with the hands-on approach to safety as well as putting WHS teams in place that could undertake the appropriate consultation with workers, management, clients and the appropriate governing bodies, where needed.


Green offices: Over the past few years Contact Group has taken major steps towards environmental sustainability, creating green offices, implementing energy efficient technology throughout our three branches (solar panels and LED lights), and reducing our waste through recycling and green office practises.

Recycling: At our three branches we have large well-labelled skip bins for the recycling of copper, batteries, plastic, fluorescent tubes and cardboard. We recycle around four ton of copper per year and offer gift cards as an incentive to staff to recycle. As a result, we are spending less on raw materials and requesting suppliers to supply material in bulk packaging (where possible) to reduce the about of plastic/cardboard packaging.

Efficient travel: Contact Group has also taken major steps to ensure its technicians are on the road less and plan their trips more efficiently. This has been achieved through our state-of-the-art Job Management System which reviews job scheduling each day to ensure technicians aren’t travelling more kilometres than necessary. The software sorts the jobs scheduled via GPS location of the sites, hence creating a plan of the most efficient route between each job. This reduces the amount of travel and fuel used throughout the day, and over a year this tallies up to be a large saving of CO2.

Energy Consumption: Contact Group is serious about reducing energy consumption both within our own building by installing solar systems and LED efficient lighting but also promoting and selling products that are world leading in energy efficiency. An example of products sold to existing clients to date is the DHHS Heat pump Hot Water Cylinder replacement program. This program is replacing the old electric HWC’s throughout Housing Tasmanians property portfolio for southern Tasmania (4500 homes), we are replacing 1 per day on average. These new heat pump HWC save up to 50% energy.


Contact Group believes that quality, health, safety and environmental care goes hand in hand – one cannot succeed without the other. It is for this reason that we have adapted an integrated QHSE management system and have had this system accredited to the latest ISO9001 and ISO45001 standards.

Contact Group was awarded State Winner for the 2020/21 NECA Excellence awards in the Work Health & Safety Best Practice category. Having our system recognised in this way is an honour and a testament to Contact Group’s dedication to the health and well-being of our staff.

Contact Group Tasmania - ISO 45001 approved company
Contact Group Tasmania - ISO 9001 approved company