Nick Tsiaousis - State Construction Manager

Nick is innovative in his approach when dealing with customers on any level, and his customer satisfaction focus is put to good use in ensuring that all services provided by the Business are of the highest standard. Nick has an eye for detail and a meticulous approach to ensuring Services, Contracts and Projects as well as Organisational goals are met.

Nick has over 30 years’ experience in electrical construction, and vast experience in delivering major projects. Nick is passionate with not only ensuring the business has happy and satisfied customers, but also that all team members working in the business are motivated and working in a friendly and healthy environment to maximise job satisfaction.

Key Proficiencies/Strengths

• Team orientated

• Powerful communication skills (oral and written)

• Strong work ethic

• Results orientated

• Advanced technical skills

• Highly motivational and interpersonal capabilities

• Superior customer satisfaction skills

• Effective, efficient Manager

• Excellent time management abilities

• Solution driven, proactive mentality

• Ability to adapt to rapid organisational changes


• Diploma of Management

• Diploma of Project Management

• Cert IV in Front Line Management

• Electrical Engineering Diploma

• Drivers License

• First Aid