Customer Service Commitment

• We treat all customers with respect, equality and courtesy

• We provide prompt, professional and efficient customer service

• We are open and transparent about what we can offer and deliver

• We take accountability of customer enquiries and keep customers informed throughout the process

• We respect customer privacy and treat all matters with confidentiality when required

• We encourage and seek feedback to continuously improve and meet our client needs

• We supply customers with clear, consistent and accurate information

• We provide service with a smile

• We will respond and resolve complaints promptly

Telephone Enquiries

• We answer calls promptly

• We treat our customers as individuals and use their names when talking to them

• We actively listen to understand the purpose of the call

• We ask for permission before transferring calls or putting them on hold

• We offer a call back within an appropriate time frame where needed

• We finish encounters in a courteous and professional manner

• We respond to voice mail messages within 1 business day during normal business hours


• We are professional and well presented

• We are friendly, respectful and welcoming

• We give our customers our full attention and take time to listen to their enquiries and concerns

Written, website or email enquiries

• We acknowledge and respond to all enquiries within 1 business day during normal business hours

• We will notify our customers if our response will take more than 1 business day

• We maintain a professional and friendly tone when communicating in writing

• Where a customer’s primary contact is away they will provide alternative contact details and a return date

Social Media

• We will respond to enquiries via our social media pages within 1 business day during normal business hours

• Where practical we will respond with relevant contact details to assist with customer enquiries

How you can help

Our customers can help us meet these commitments by:

• Being polite and respectful towards our employees and contractors

• Providing us with accurate information to contact them on

• Bringing any enquiries or concerns to our attention as soon as possible

• Providing us with honest feedback where possible

Customer Feedback

We encourage our clients to provide feedback about the level of service we have provided them. This provides us with the opportunity to improve where needed, or acknowledge our staff were they have exceeded expectations.

When we receive feedback from our clients we will:

• Listen objectively

• Document feedback in writing

• Manage complaints with courtesy and respect

• Impartially investigate complaints

• Inform customers of actions taken where appropriate

• Use feedback to improve our services

To have a chat to our team please use our contact form or contact details listed below.